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Rodger Clancy Hendrick began his company in 1876.  With the zeal and enthusiasm of a 21-year-old Irish immigrant, R.C. established himself as a mason contractor in Saginaw, Michigan.  The business thrived from the beginning, for R.C. was both conscientious and talented.  He was also restless and heeded the call West.  Buildings in southwestern United States still stand today as evidence of his work in that area.  After a five-year period he returned to Saginaw to establish the company that has endured over a hundred years.

A second generation was added in 1905 when the eldest son, Edward, joined the company.  He remained part of the operation until 1915, leaving to start a business of his own, with his son, in Detroit.  In that year, Joseph, the youngest son of R.C., became part of the company, allowing the “& Son” to remain on the letterhead.  The father and son worked together until R.C.’s death in 1937.  The business grew and expanded into a general construction company under Joe’s management and direction.

Today, the descendants of R.C., now numbering five generations, continue to operate the business with the dedication to quality, skill in performance, responsibility to the customer and integrity in all business matters, which were the trademarks of the founder.  Structures throughout the State of Michigan testify to the success of this philosophy.  R. C. Hendrick & Son continues to offer the same spirit and pride in workmanship established by R.C.

R. C. Hendrick & Son is one of the oldest continuously family-owned-and-operated construction companies in the state of Michigan.  Service to the construction industry for over 135 years is a statement of experience and a measure of the workmanship, personnel and services provided by the company.  A reputation for quality and integrity enjoyed by R. C. Hendrick & Son is due in large measure to professional management, skilled tradesmen and experienced support staff of the company.  Many of the R. C. Hendrick & Son employees have more than 30 years continuous experience with the firm.  This depth of experience, combined with a dedication to high standards of excellence assures quality construction results for the client’s project.

Solid in its experience, R. C. Hendrick & Son takes an active approach in developing new construction methods and procedures to maintain quality and client satisfaction.  Utilizing modern equipment, and provide for training and safety of workers allows R. C. Hendrick & Son to be cost-competitive and meet the demands of the project.

Just as equipment must remain current so must ideas.  New ideas are developed through constant attention to providing the most efficient means of producing construction services and by learning new skills through contact with other members of the construction industry.  R. C. Hendrick & Son is an active member of Associated General Contractors of America and its Michigan Chapter, the Michigan Society of Professional Engineers and its Saginaw Valley Chapter as well as many other professional organizations.  As part of its community commitment, R. C. Hendrick & Son is involved in a wide variety of community support organizations.


A full range of construction services is available to clients in the areas of industrial, commercial, health care, education, and religious construction projects.

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